Thursday, December 1, 2011

Preview of "The Escape Artist" by Alicia McCauley

The first in our series of excerpts of the stories in What Teaching Means followed by an abbreviated version of the writer's biography. You can expect more great writing like this when we publish in April of 2012.

From The Escape Artist by Alicia McCauley

“I often wonder what became of Brian. At night, between the hazy edges of dreams, I glimpse his face amongst other children who have come and gone too quickly. I regret not seeing beyond his eager smile and bright eyes. I regret not hearing Brian’s real stories, the ones that were too hard to tell.”


Alicia McCauley earned an AA in Early Childhood Education from Shasta College, followed by a B.A. in liberal arts and a teaching credential from Simpson University. She teaches first grade at Boulder Creek School in Redding, California.

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