Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Publicity for What Teaching Means

Work is continuing on What Teaching Means. A few authors are working with editors to finalize their pieces. Contracts are going out. And, finally, we are starting to make plans for a promotional tour for the book in late spring and early summer 2012. We'd like to visit some of the 17 states represented by the authors in the book. We'd love to visit bookstores, coffee shops, and so on. Anywhere that will support teachers and the art of teachers. We would be especially interested in events in Nebraska (of course), Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Oregon since a few teachers from each of those states are included in the book. Any ideas?


Kate said...

Hi,Dan and Marni. I'm delighted that my work is going to be included in this book. Re: promo. Is there a chance that NWP would send out a blurb about its publication and/or have an article about it on Or maybe that's in the works? Thanks for your wonderful efforts, Kate in Maine

Susan Adams said...

I second Kate's NWP question! This is the kind of good news we all need to hear right about now.

I am excited by the idea of various contributors coming together to talk about the book in various locations. Any chance the dog and pony show will come to Indiana? (she asks hopefully!)

Daniel Boster and Marni Valerio said...

We will be talking to anyone who will listen about this book in the spring. We think the voices of these educators need to be heard. If you have an idea and can help make it a reality, we want to hear about it.